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The Step 2 tool is the second tool used in the EZ Polish System. The step 2 tool is used to hone the floor and begin the polishing process. This tool is used wet in conjunction with EZ Green Cut to help refine the floor.

• Hones the floor and begins the polishing process
• Works in conjunction with Green Cut
• Eliminates the need for multiple grinding steps

Coverage Rate: 7,000-10,000 square feet

1) After cutting floor with step 1 tool and EZ Green Cut change tooling to step 2 tool.
2) Reuse leftover wet slurry from step 1 tool, if needed apply a small additional amount of Green Cut.
3) Keep the slurry in front of the grinding path. The slurry should be the consistency of wet foam, not paste.
4) Ensure to thoroughly cut the floor with the step 2 tool to ensure a uniform floor.

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