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The Step 3 tool is the final tooling step involved in the EZ Polish System. The step 3 tool polishes the floor and removes any remaining scratches. This tool improves the floor clarity and eliminates the need for multiple grinding steps. This tool gives your concrete floors an impressive shine.

• Step 3 tool gives concrete floors an impressive shine
• Final tool involved to polish the floor
• Improves clarity
• Eliminates the need for multiple grinding steps

Coverage Rate: 7,000-10,000 square feet

1) After cutting the floor with step 2 tool, ensure to thoroughly clean entire floor with an autoscrubber
2) Densify the floor using EZ Densifier and a microfiber pad
3) Allow EZ Densifier to completely dry before proceeding, after the floor has dried cut the floor with the step 3 tool dry
4) Ensure to thoroughly cut the entire floor to create a uniform polish

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