The SS EZ Top resurfacing and refinishing countertop kit is a unique blend of Portland cement, quality graded aggregates and SS Concentrated Liquid Polymer used to produce a concrete surface on properly prepared substrates including laminate, solid surface, and tile countertop surfaces. This kit is designed to cover approximately 60 square feet depending on the thickness of the application on laminate countertops. Less coverage rate will apply to tile countertops. Colors and protective coatings are not included.


* No need to tear out old cabinets
* Can be used on top of tile, laminate, and granite
* Countertops will be a unique one of a kind look

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs

Technical Information

Step 1 Prep: Thoroughly abrade the laminate surface using a belt or orbital palm sander. Other methods capable of producing a profiled surface may also be used. Remove all residues. Step 2 Primer: Dilute the SS Concentrated Polymer with clean water in 2:1 ratio: two parts water and one part Polymer. Roll a thin coat of the SS Concentrated Polymer mixture over the entire surface; allow to become tacky—approximately 15 minutes. Save the unused SS Concentrated Polymer solution in a clean airtight container for future use. Step 3 Base Coat: Stir two quarts Base Coat powder (64 ounces) into 24 ounces of diluted SS Concentrated Polymer (8 ounces Polymer and 16 ounces of water). Mix into a pancake batter-like consistency. This will cover about 16 square feet of countertop surface. Pour out a small amount of the mixed Base Coat material onto the primed surface. Use a Pool Trowel to spread evenly. A brush or sponge may be helpful to cover the edges. If the material picks up under the trowel, lightly spray the surface with the diluted Polymer solution from a mister bottle. Repeat whenever the material becomes dry or sticky. Trowel as smooth as possible. If considering integral color, refer to Step 8. Step 4 Sanding: After the Base Coat has dried—overnight is recommended— sand the high spots with 36-100 grit sandpaper. Be careful not to cut through the Base Coat. Step 5 Second Base Coat: Clean the surface with a brush, shop vacuum, w and white cloth. A second coat of Base Coat may be applied, if desired, following the process outlined in Step 3. Step 6 Top Coat: Sand and clean the surface as needed. Mix one pint of Top Coat powder (16 ounces) into 8 ounces of diluted SS Concentrated Polymer. Mix continually until reaching a pancake batter-like consistency. Lightly prime the surface with the diluted SS Concentrated Polymer just prior to pouring out the mixed Top Coat onto the dampened counter surface. Smooth and spread with pool trowel. To avoid the burnished appearance when using a steel trowel, consider a plastic or stainless steel trowel. Continue to trowel until the desired finish is achieved. If the material picks up under the trowel, lightly spray the surface with two parts water to one part SS Concentrated Polymer solution (2:1) from a mister bottle. Step 7 Final Sanding: Check for smoothness. Sand any high spots using sandpaper grades from 220 dry to 600 wet. When satisfied with the smoothness you are ready to stain, if desired. See stains in the Coloring Options section (Step 8) below. If the natural concrete look is desired, proceed to Protective Sealers/Coating section below. Step 8 Coloring Options: EZ Top Color is the most potent and cost-effective means of adding color to the SS EZ Top mix. If integral coloring is your selected method, add the SS EZ Color to the SS Concentrated Polymer solution used in mixing the Base Coat and Top Coat. To help ensure satisfactory results, it is suggested to create samples by adding a measured amount of color to a measured amount of mix. Record the ratios carefully for future reference. Note: all sealers and coatings will darken the finished color to some degree, some more than others. Please create samples for use with the sealers when considering color, durability and shine level. We suggest a small 6×6 inch sample piece. You will need approximately 4 ounces of mixed material for each 6×6 sample piece. Other options for coloring include the use of stains. SS DYE-namic, SS Sedona Acid Stain, and SS Rainbow are topical colors added to the finished and dried surface usually after a minimum of 24 hours at 70°F. Follow manufacturer’s written instructions. Creating samples is highly recommended.

For wet clean up, use warm, soapy water. For dry clean up, immerse tools in SS Xylene. Read manufactures label carefully. Dispose of containers in accordance with local and federal regulations.

SS EZ Top has a shelf life up to one or two years in its original, sealed, unopened container.

• SS Concentrated Liquid Polymer will freeze during storage. Store at temperatures about 40°F.
• All HVAC ventilation ducts should be blocked prior to application so fumes are not distributed.
• SS Concentrated Liquid Polymer is harmful if swallowed.
• Do not use SS Concentrated Liquid Polymer as a cure and seal or any other form of concrete coating.
• Keep out of reach from children.

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