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Weight 25 lbs

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  • Will not chip, crack or peel
  • Beautiful penetrating color
  • Great for interior or exterior use

Surface Preparation: Care must be given to the consistency of the curing treatment. It is recommended that the concrete be 28 days old before staining. Stains may applied earlier when diluted more than the normal 1:1 rate, but results are less predictable. It is recommended that Surf Prep, a mild surface conditioner, be used on any concrete to achieve more consistent results while still allowing a variegated appearance. For existing concrete test for the presence of sealers, curing agents or release agents by misting with water. Concrete that darkens with water usually means that it will take stain. Remove carpet, tile, linoleum or any other covering from the concrete. All glue, paint or any other coating must also be removed in order for the acid stain to penetrate and color the concrete. DO NOT USE MURIATIC ACID! Tightly troweled or burnished slabs tend to be more difficult to stain. Open up the surface mechanically with a buffer and sanding screen or chemically with Surf Prep at full strength. A clean and open concrete surface will accept stain better than a contaminated or hard troweled surface. Prior to application protect adjacent areas from acid stain over-spray, runoff, spills, and tracking. Application: The normal dilution rate for Sedona Acid Stains is 1:1 with water after 28 days. To achieve various shades, it may be necessary to use a different dilution ratio. Establish a test area to determine stain color choices and dilution rates. Apply the stain to the test area and allow drying for a minimum of 4 hours. Sweep up the dry residue and then clean with a mop and bucket or with a wet/dry vacuum. The wet stain color will provide a preview of the sealed floor. The desired dilution rate that was used for the test application should be repeated for the larger area. The stain is best applied with a non-metallic pump up or bottle sprayer by entirely wetting the surface. Immediately scrub the stain in with a soft brush or broom using a circular motion followed with a light application of stain over the brushed area to hide swirl marks. Maintain a wet edge when applying the stain to eliminate overlap marks. If the stain shade is too light, a second coat can be applied without removing the residue between stain applications. Stains may be layered wet or dry. Test the application techniques before doing the larger area. Each gallon of Sedona stain diluted 1:1 with water will treat 400 square feet. Clean up: Residue must be removed after the final application of stain and before sealing. Sweeping up the entire dry powdered residue will reduce the required clean up time. Squeegees, wet vacs, floor buffers and/or floor scrubbers for larger areas are recommended. Continue to clean until the rinse water is completely clear of any residue. Be careful not to walk on, or track wet footprints on any dry concrete areas, for it may leave permanent marks. Use a clean white cloth to rub over floor to test the residue removal, if cloth remains clean of any residue, you are ready to neutralize. Neutralize with 1 cup of ammonia to 5 gallons of water followed by one final rinse. Special care must be taken to keep runoff from areas that are to remain unstained, stained different colors, or adjacent areas containing plant-life. Treat the acid stain residue as hazardous waste, disposing of in accordance with local, state and federal laws. Sealing: Recommended sealers include all SS Sealers, SS Coatings and enPOXY in addition to any high quality commercial grade sealer or top coat. Use any of the SS Cherry Wax product line or any other high quality commercial grade maintenance product to maintain the durability and appearance of interior stained floors. Maintenance: It is strongly recommended that a maintenance program be developed and followed to preserve the high quality appearance of all colored concrete. Maintenance includes keeping the surface free of dirt, grit and other abrasive materials. Periodic resealing of exterior stained concrete is advised. Any SS Cherry Wax product line or any other high quality commercial grade maintenance product is recommended for interior floors to provide scuff resistance and high shine.

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