Q & A: SS Cherry Wax

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Why do I need to use SS Cherry Wax?

It is a sacrificial coat that will protect your sealer from premature aging.


What does this product actually do?

It adds a thin layer of protection to your floor that also gives you a newly finished look. Makes your sealer look like it has recently been redone. The compliment you will get on your floor will far exceed the cost of the product.

Using SS Cherry Wax will help preserve this floor. It’s just a smart thing to use!

Does SS Cherry Wax come in different gloss levels?

Yes, Gloss and Matte


What if I don’t use the wax?

If you have an acrylic sealer on your concrete it could prematurely fail. If you are using a two-component sealer such as Poly Pro, or SS Water Based 60 Urethane, these products will tend to scratch. However, they can be easily freshened up with a coat of SS Cherry Wax. The benefit of regular user of SS Cherry Wax far exceeds the time and cost of replacing your sealer.


My floor is old and dull. How can I bring it back to life?

Sometimes it’s a simple as cleaning and applying SS Cherry Wax. This is a great first step and where we would recommend starting. If this doesn’t work, please contact us for further ideas and suggestions.

To find out more about this product, see this blog post and learn how to apply.

If your ready to buy, you can go here or stop by Moon Decorative, 121 NE 40th Street, OKC, OK.