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The EZ Grouting System is designed for repairing damaged control joints, filling pin holes, cracks, and chipped or damaged concrete. For use with the EZ Polish System. EZ Grouting System has a part A and part B, and is rapid setting and high strength.

• Fill holes and cracks prior to polishing to ensure a flat and even floor profile
• Easy to mix and apply
• 2 Part Mixture Part A and Part B
• Rapid set, and high strength
• Intended for use in damaged control joints, pin holes, cracks, and chipped or damaged concrete

Mixing: 1 Part A to 1 Part B. Add grouting compound

1) For small hole repair mix 1 part A to 1 part B in a small mixing cup, then add grouting compound and mix
2) Fill holes with grouting mixture and wait until completely dry
3) After dry use a handgrinder to level the repairs.
4) For small pinholes mix 1 part A to 1 part B in a small mixing cup
5) Apply a thin coat to the floor using a metal finishing trowel
6) Wait for the floor to completely dry
7) Continue with the EZ Polish system

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